Informations about Unknown KalOnline.


How to get started Guide

1. Start by downloading the full client
2. Create an account.
3. If you get problems with the updater download the manual update.
4. Make sure you have .NET Framework 4.5
5. Make sure you have C++ 2010/2012 Redistributable packages.
6. Start the game by running the Updater, Engine.exe or Start.exe
7. Login and create your character!
8. Enjoy!

Guide & Tips for In-Game:

1. You will start with full G24 armour & G25 Weapon, teleports and some hp/mana pots. You can buy your Animal Egg from the merchant at fort for 10,000 geons.
2. Go ahead and pick up the Level 1 quest in Narootuh
3. Press Q to bring up the quest window to see your progress and information about the quest. It will tell you what and how many you need to kill.
4. Once you have killed a Demon Vulgar, Scout, Spearhead, Plunderer or a Wild Small Demon you should now be level 3, and have a "Normal Quest Level 1" item to bring back and become level 4.
5. You can teleport around each city by typing /fort /naroo /pub /cop /cargo & /mine
6. by Voting you can receive a Vote Coin that will allow you to trade it in for 15% EXP or +150 damage bonus! This npc is at fort and is called "Vote Buffer" This will be active for 3 hours.
7. Doing quests can help you gain experience and also rewards you with many different items including Skill points!
8. Before setting off into the world you can press F1 to view some basic help options & to view the drop list of the areas.
9. Begin your journey fighting monsters outside /cargo or /fort for the best exp, you can pick up the quests any time if you choose to skip.
10. At level 30 you can start doing your first daily quest by killing 20x Ghost of Young Man. These can help you buy items like Picker Pet, Perforation Shot, Qigong Talisman, Jewels, EXP Stone, DSS and BoFs.
11. Go ahead and job change which is near the first building if you were to walk to the merchant.
12. At level 40 & 60 you will receive a 1 day exp stone to help in the later levels. These can also be gained by other ways such as Kal Shop & Dailys & wooden boxes.
13. At level 50 you can start your Buff Scroll Quest this can be upgraded up to grade 3 buff scroll later on.
14. If your are running low on Skill Points remember to do the quests but if you still require more then you can buy 3 skill points for 5,000,000 Geons at Skillpoint Merchant at /fort.
15. Near storage there is also a "Pet Quest Master" NPC. This will allow you to get a free picker pet at the start (Starter Pet) to upgrade these pets you have to collect gold ,air ,earth, blood crystals and pet souls. Each upgrade gives you extra stats (you choose your main stat) and later grades will make the pet Auto pick like the Starting pet but with nice stats. Please check the Pet Master Guide or the Pet Quest Master to check what grades are available.


Wooden Box
Wooden Box

Jewel, Dragon Spirit Scroll, Qigong Talisman, Perforation Shot, Bead of Fire, Imperial Talisman, Buff Food
Narootuh - Devil Castle
Narootuh - Devil Castle (all monsters)

Attack/Magic, Explosive Blow 8-9, G32-G42 Armor, G37-G40 Weapons
Forest & Doggebie Beach
Forest & Doggebie Beach (all monsters)

Attack/Magic, Explosive Blow 8-9, G32-G42 Armor, G1-G40 Weapons
Royal Tomb
Royal Tomb (all monsters)

Attack/Magic, Explosive Blow 8-9, G46-G50 Armor, G48-G50 Weapons
Dungeon 1
Dungeon 1 (all monsters)

Attack/Magic, Explosive Blow 8-9, G46 Armor, G45-G50 Weapons
Dungeon 2
Dungeon 2 (all monsters)
Dungeon 2 (Tombs & Maids)
Dungeon 2 (Troops)
Dungeon 2 (Boss)

Attack/Magic, Explosive Blow 9-10
G50 Armor & G50 Weapons
G50 Armor & G50-G56 Weapons
G53-G56 Weapons
Dungeon 3
Dungeon 3 (all monsters)
Dungeon 3 (F1-F3)
Dungeon 3 (F4-F6)
Dungeon 3 (F7-F9)
Dungeon 3 (Doggebi Lord)

Attack/Magic, Explosive Blow 10-12
G50 Armor & G50-G53 Weapons
G50 Armor & G53 Weapons
G50 Armor & G53-G56 Weapons
G65 Weapons
Highland of Sky
Highland of Sky (all monsters)
Giant & Ifrit

Attack/Magic, Explosive Blow 13-15
G65(side) Armor & G65 Weapons
G65(main) Armor & G65 Weapons
Dungeon 4
Dungeon 4 (all monsters)
Dungeon 4 (Demon Worker)
Dungeon 4 (Demon Guards, Patrols, Warriors)
Dungeon 4 (Insects)
Dungeon 4 (Infantry, Crazy Defender)

Attack/Magic, Explosive Blow 9-10
G46-G50 Armor & G50-G53 Weapons
G50 Armor & G53-G56 Weapons
G55 Armor & G56 Weapons
G55 Armor & G56-G59 Weapons
Forest of Elements
Forest of Elements (all monsters)
Forest of Elements (Minor Elements)
Forest of Elements (Elements)

Attack/Magic, Explosive Blow 12-14
G55 Armor & G59 Weapons
G55-G60(side) Armor & G62 Weapons
Tower of Priest
Tower of Priest (all monsters)
Tower of Priest (Banshee, Skeletons, Elite, Wraith)
Tower of Priest (High Class Element)
Tower of Priest (Security Guard)
Tower of Priest (Master Element)
Tower of Priest (Guardian of I'Lyrer)
Tower of Priest (Dunamic, Cheios, I'Lyrer)

Attack/Magic, Explosive Blow 13-15
G60(side) Armor & G62 Weapons
G60(main) Armor & G62 Weapons
G65(side) Armor
G65(side) Armor
G60(main) Armor & G62 Weapons
G70 Weapons
E-Mok (all monsters)
E-Mok (Ghosts, Small Emoogy)
E-Mok (Twisted Emoogy, Twisted Demon)
E-Mok (Vicious Wild Boar)
E-Mok (Big Green & Brown E-Moogi)
E-Mok (Vicious Bear & Vicious Knoll)
E-Mok (Vicious Master Scorpion)
E-Mok (A9)
E-Mok (Thousend Year old)

Attack/Magic, Explosive Blow 12-14
G55-G60(side) Armor & G59 Weapons
G55-G60(main) Armor & G59-G62 Weapons
G65(side) Armor & G65 Weapons
G65(main) Armor & G65 Weapons
G70(side) Armor & G70 Weapons
G70(main) Armor & G70 Weapons
G70(main) Armor & G70 Weapons
G65 Armor & G65 Weapons
Valley of Devah
Valley of Devah (all monsters)
Valley of Devah (Elite Skeleton, Elite Skeleton Archer, Wild Boar, Wolf)

Valley of Devah (Brown Bear, Crazy Demon Worker, Degenerated Twisted Demon, Xill, Crazy Demon soldier, Twisted Demon soldier, Starved Xill soldier, Xill Archer, Xill Conjurator, Skeleton Soldier, Skeleton Archer (low), Desert Scorpion)

Valley of Devah (Scorpion, Knoll, Goblin, Goblin Conjurator (low), Goblin soldier, Goblin Scout Soldier, Knoll soldier (low), Knoll Archer (low), Crazy Demon Conjurator)

Valley of Devah (Wounded Evolve Zombie, Wounded Conjurator Zombie, Goblin Warrior, Knoll Warrior, Knoll Mad Warrior, Knoll Archer (high), Goblin Conjurator (high), Knoll soldier (high))

Valley of Devah (Master Wraith, Master Skeleton Warrior, Master Skeleton Archer)

Attack/Magic, Explosive Blow 14-16
G65(side) Armor & G65 Weapons

G65(main) Armor & G65 Weapons

G70(side) Armor & G70 Weapons

G70(main) Armor & G70 Weapons

G70 Armor & G75 Weapons
Hondel (all monsters)
Floor 1
Floor 2
Floor 3

Attack/Magic, Explosive Blow 15-16
G80 Armor & G75-G80 Weapons
G80 Armor & G80 Weapons
G80 Armor & G80 Weapons & G90 Craft Materials


The talisman upgrade system is pretty easy. You can put on a talisman fragment (protection/intensification/wonder) on your item (armor, weapon, accessorie). You will not get the full talisman stats directly. It is necessary to upgrade your item step by step with the same kind of fragments to create a full talisman on your item.
If you want to change the talisman, for example from legendary to kings, you can easily put the kings on your weapon. Remember that you will start with g1 again.
Talisman of Protection needs four fragments to reach the full stats. Talisman of Inensificaiton needs five to eigth framents (depending on which talisman of intensification you want. Example: steely needs four and kings needs six fragments). Talisman of Wonder needs five framents to give full stats.
Additionally there are g5 and g6 talisman of protection fragments and g7 and g8 talisman of intensification kings and g9 and g10 talisman of intensification queens fragments and g6 and g7 talisman of wonder fragments. You can get these higher fragments from boss monsters.


Duel Tournament (level 60-69)
1st place: 100 Honor Points & 1000 Reward Points
winning one duel: 20 Honor Points & 200 Reward Points
losing one duel: 10 Honor Points & 100 Reward Points
Duel Tournament (level 70-79)
1st place: 100 Honor Points & 1000 Reward Points
winning one duel: 50 Honor Points & 500 Reward Points
losing one duel: 30 Honor Points & 300 Reward Points
Duel Tournament (level 80+)
1st place: 500 Honor Points & 5000 Reward Points
winning one duel: 70 Honor Points & 700 Reward Points
losing one duel: 50 Honor Points & 500 Reward Points
Instance Dungeon
check Instance Manager for more information

You can find the Reward Shop in Temporary Fort
Daily Quest Merchant
in Temporary Fort asks you to kill some monsters. These quests can be done twice a day. Their reset is at 0 o'clock. The NPC also has a reward shop, talk to him to see his rewards.

Our Quests

You can start a normal quest every five levels and you can find them in every city.

Quest Level 1, 5, 10
Jook-Suh Cargo Station
Quest Level 15
Geum-Oh Mine
Quest Level 20
The Pub of the Giant Bird
Quest Level 50
Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle
Quest Level 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 55, 65, 70
City of Priest
Quest Level 60, 75, 80, 85, 90

Our Server Features

Midrate experience

Midrade experience & droprate

Shaman (5th Character-Class)

Vote buff reward

Accessorie Upgrade System

Custom Pet System

Custom Costume System

Custom Trigram System

Real Mautareta System

Training Center

Secret Boxes


Daily and repeatable quests

New Monster Battle System

PvP 1on1, 3on3, 6on6

dropable Jewels for ItemShop

New Dungeon System

Nirvana (Awaken) Skills

Mystery skills

Good Support

Our Server Rules

1. Any form of cheating is NOT tolerated this includes CE, UCE, PK editors, Exploits, bots and any modification of files that give the player an advantage over others.
2. Here at UnknownKal we ask you politely to keep strong language to a minimal in normal & shout chat channels. Racist comments, Insults towards family members & vulgar language will NOT tolerated.
3. We all like to be heard but please try keep the spam in normal & shout chat channels to a minimal. Spam is considered 4 and more of constant messages.
4. AFK levelling is NOT tolerated here at UnknownKal this includes using macros of any kind, key pressers and sticking the keys down by anything.
5. Players who are scammed by sharing accounts can't be helped. Please do not share your account with anyone you don't know or who you don't know that well. If you trust your family or friend(s) we will not stop you. Please take care of your account, we also advise you not to use similar ID & PW's.
6. Messages sent through ANY chat channel about other servers will NOT be tolerated you are here to play this server, take your discussions and opinions out of the game.
7. The UnknownKal Team can be busy at times this may include real life events and the development of the server. We ask you kindly not to spam in-game with questions about upcoming updates, information regarding this will be posted on the "#news" channel on discord. If you require any assistance please ask on the "#help" channel on discord and a team member will get back to you shortly.
8. Sinning at ANY boss is NOT tolerated! These bosses include: Lord, Element Masters, Mautareta, Emok boss' and others.
9. Exploiting at PvP events such as BF & Duel tournaments by killing their own characters or griefing in anyway is NOT tolerated, we can find out which character is being played by who across all accounts.
10. Kill Stealing, Destroying a party, Death luring and any other forms of griefing will NOT be tolerated. If you don't like it happening to you, then please don't do it to them.
11. The most important part is to have fun! Remember this is just a game. A game that we all enjoy playing so by becoming a friendly community you can make the server more enjoyable this way we bring you more updates, players, events and so much more!

If you wish to report a player please take a screenshot or if possible capture a video and give a detailed description of what has happend. These reports can be sent to @legendaryheart#5120 on discord through a private message. Please don't shout about rule breakers, this will make our jobs much harder if they know they are being watched.
Failing to report a hacker or being in a party with a hacker can put your account at risk of geting the same punishment.
Please play fair and thank you for choosing UnknownKal

With Regards
- The UnknownKal Team -

Error troubleshooting

X-Trap Error 08-0400-00000000-544

1. Right click on engine.exe in client folder and select properties.
2. Go to the compatibility tab and select compatibility mode.
3. Check the tick box and select Windows 8.
4. Click "run as administrator"
5. Click apply and OK.

[ingame] Time Sync error

1. Start by going to your clock on the taskbar and clicking on change time and date settings.
2. Go to "Change time zone..."
3. Untick "Automatically Adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time" and click OK.
4. Go back to "Change time zone..."
5. Tick "Automatically Adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time" and Click OK
6. Apply and OK then restart your computer and this will be fixed.


[Q]: Will there be a reset after BETA.
[A]: Yes.
[Q]: Will donations brought in beta be refunded on official
[A]: Yes Jewel will be refunded.
[Q]: When will official start?
[A]: 14th September 2018 - 6pm (GMT+1/Servertime).
[Q]: Is there any Pay2Win Donation items that can't be obtained without real cash?
[A]: No, all players can get jewels ingame by key party & doing daily missions.
[Q]: I'm getting a Time Sync error.
[A]: for Errors please report to the Troubleshoot section on the webpage.
[Q]: I can't see my exp stone and I can't use my other stone.
[A]: This is a visual bug and it will hopefully be fixed some time.
[Q]: Does Training center work?
[A]: Training center is working but only starts when the admin tells you.
[Q]: What are the rates of the server?
[A]: The server is a Midrate with custom droprate
[Q]: Is SD & Rupture AoE?
[A]: SD is an AoE skill. Rupture is NON AoE skill.
[Q]: Where is the server located?
[A]: Server is located in Germany