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Offical start - get ready

Full Client Download is now available. Registration is open. See you guys in a few hours! Beta rewards for the following people (please contact legendaryheart ingame): Redemption, CoMa, Meph, Dark, FifeTTe, qOp, J4F, Shuj, b0ss, Daniz0r. Thank you all !


Offical start

Offical server start will be at the 14.09.2018 6pm (servertime). Please keep voting and advertising so we all can have a lot of fun. Any suggestions? Feel free to contact us via support ticket (userpanel), email (unknown.kalonline@gmail.com), discord or ingame.


Beta Successfully

Our beta tests were successfully. We are now closing our beta server (after this weekend) to start the offical launch. All Beta players will receive some jewels (contact legendaryheart ingame). Thanks for your patience! We are looking forward to see you at the offical start!



Our Server Video


The newest character: "Shaman"


Heonwon's revive power is getting stronger then there is more suffered soul in the world. Although the shaman did not readily use the unknown energy. They were the only lengths to appease the unjust souls in the chaotic world. In the long turmoil all the good men came out and participated in the war with new name. In the chaos of chaos the shaman could see a ray of light. Help the freed souls and guardians together to lead the battlefield.

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